Introducing Chris Gorman Homes, Ltd.

Chris Gorman Homes is a small Cincinnati based custom home building company that I am proud to own and operate.  I am emerging into the online networking world with Facebook, a web site, and now this blog site.  It is my goal to do 3 things through this blog.

First, I want to help make the custom home building experience come to life through real time updates of progress on custom builds on which I am currently working.  My intention is to take the fear out of the venture.  Sure there are always some unexpected challenges that arise when tackling custom home projects, but I want to show the steps one can anticipate when heading into this type of arrangement.

Second, I want to showcase some of the features and products that I use and give my two cents on some of the new trends and products I encounter or use in my homes.  Whether the goal is energy efficiency, creature comforts, or design style, I have a strong working knowledge of many great products that I want to share with you while still keeping budget lines in focus.

My third goal is to share what Chris Gorman Homes can do for you.  I build great custom homes in the Cincinnati area and am very proud of the work I do.  Customer satisfaction is paramount in my business philosophy and I have built my company on the foundation of trust, innovation, and excellent service.  I have a team of sub contractors that I have worked with for years that I trust and know their work ethic matches the quality product that I produce.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My clients deserve it.

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