Energy Efficient Building

Chris Gorman Homes is committed to building energy efficient homes.  Green building doesn’t have to be confusing and costly.  As an Energy Star partner, our philosophy is it all starts with the building envelope.  We work with independent home energy raters to input each component in the home and model the results prior to building.  This allows us to determine the bestEnergy Star Partnercombination of efficiency and cost.  The result is a home system where all the parts compliment each other.  This means your home has to work less to keep you comfortable.  This equals lower energy costs to the homeowner.

  • Energy Star BrochureEnergy-efficient construction techniques and products.
  • Improved indoor environments through environmentally-preferable materials and building practices.
  • Water-efficient products and processes.
  • Renewable energy options, when feasible.
  • Waste reduction and recycling during the construction process.
  • Smart growth and sustainable land development practices.

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