How Long Does It Take To Build a Custom Home in Cincinnati, Ohio?

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Building a custom home in Cincinnati requires a significant time commitment to create a one-of-a-kind house that is tailored to your specific tastes and lifestyle needs. Knowing what to expect along the home-building journey can help you set realistic expectations and plan accordingly for a more stress-free and rewarding process. 

How Long Does a New Home Build Take in Cincinnati?  

In general, how long it takes to build a custom home is, on average, 18-24 months, from site selection to your final walk-through.

Although, keep in mind that every custom home is unique, which means every home build timeline will also be unique. The length of time it takes to design and construct your house depends on a variety of factors, from the availability of your builder and the weather to the complexity of your design and square footage of the structure.

Process of Building a Home in Cincinnati

Understanding the timeline for building a custom home is crucial for setting realistic expectations and planning. When learning about the design and construction time it will take to build your custom home, you will also take into consideration the time it takes to select a suitable piece of property in the Cincinnati area and the site preparation. Let’s take a look at the typical process for a custom home build.

Initial Planning and Design Phase

The journey of building a custom home begins with the design phase. This process, which typically takes about 3-9 months, involves collaboration with an architect, builder, and possibly an interior designer. Or, if you choose a design-build team, this timeline will be on the shorter end of the timeline.  A clear vision and decisive decision-making can expedite this phase.

Pre-Construction Phase

Following the design phase is the pre-construction stage, usually lasting 1-2 months. This period involves finalizing contracts, ordering materials, obtaining necessary permits, and establishing a construction schedule. 

Construction Phase

The actual construction of the home is the most time-consuming part of the process, generally taking 9-18 months. This phase is subject to various factors, including weather conditions in Cincinnati, which can affect the construction schedule, and the builder’s workload. Regular meetings and site visits during this phase are essential for monitoring progress and addressing any issues promptly.

What are common delays in building a custom home in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Building a custom home in Cincinnati involves various factors that can influence the overall timeline. Understanding these elements is crucial for setting realistic expectations for your home-building project.

Size and Complexity of the Structure

The size and complexity of your home significantly impact the construction duration. Incorporating unique features like handcrafted cabinetry or imported bathroom tiles adds to the complexity and the timeline. These custom elements require careful planning and execution, contributing to the overall process of building a house.

Homeowner’s Decision-Making Process

Entering the design phase with a clear vision and defined budget can expedite decision-making. This clarity helps in reducing the likelihood of change orders during construction, which can cause delays and additional costs.

A decisive approach during the process of building a home minimizes the risk of delays. To achieve this, come to your design meeting with ideas, examples of the style and details you’d like to see in your custom home, and communicate openly and thoroughly with your designer to reduce design revisions. 

Working with an Architect and Builder Separately

Collaborating with a design-build company in Cincinnati can make the custom home building timeline more efficient. This approach consolidates design and construction services, offering a cohesive and streamlined experience.

Having one point of contact simplifies communication and accountability. This setup is particularly beneficial if unexpected issues arise, ensuring a coordinated response to keep the project on schedule.

The design-build method removes the need for a separate bidding process, allowing for a more integrated and efficient approach to building your home.

Impact of External Factors

Obtaining the necessary permits and approvals can affect the construction timeline. Delays in this area, though often beyond the builder’s control, are a common aspect of the building process in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s weather can also play a significant role in the timeline for building a house. Adverse weather conditions can lead to unavoidable delays, especially in outdoor construction phases.

Save Time with the Chris Gorman Homes Building Process

At Chris Gorman Homes, the building process is meticulously planned to ensure timely completion without compromising on quality. Their approach involves:

1. Plan

The journey begins with planning. Chris Gorman Homes helps in selecting the right property or optimizing an existing one, ensuring it aligns with your custom home vision.

2. Finance

In the financing phase, they provide an estimate before approaching lenders, focusing on a design that fits your budget without surprise fees.

3. Design

During design, your vision takes shape. The team collaborates to create a plan reflecting your ideal layout and style, guiding you through finish and feature selections.

4. Build

The building phase sees your design come to life. Chris Gorman Homes focuses on fine craftsmanship and precision, ensuring every detail meets your expectations.

5. Own

Ownership begins post-move-in. The team ensures ongoing satisfaction, confirming every aspect of your new home is perfect, with a commitment to honesty and transparency throughout the process.

Building a New Home in Cincinnati

Home Building in Cincinnati, OH, is a meticulous process, but well worth the time to ensure your custom home lives up to your expectations. One of the most important steps you can take to lay the foundation for an efficient project and rewarding experience is to select the right home builder in Cincinnati.

At Chris Gorman Homes, we understand the significance of your new home build in terms of both the financial and emotional investment. We utilize a refined process to ensure your project progresses on time and on budget, without cutting corners or undermining the unique vision you have for your new custom home. To experience the Chris Gorman Homes difference, contact us to schedule your consultation

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