How to Build a Custom Home On Your Lot

Exterior of Custom Built Home By Chris Gorman Homes

Building a custom home on your own lot is more than just a construction project; it’s about realizing a dream. Having a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle is a cherished goal. Whether you already own land or are in the market, we’re breaking down what to expect when you make the leap to finally build that dream custom home in the Cincinnati area.

1. Choose a Starting Point

Do You Already Own Land?

For those fortunate enough to already own a piece of Cincinnati, Ohio’s beautiful landscape, the journey begins with envisioning the possibilities. Your first step will be to contact a trusted custom home builder who can help you develop your custom home vision to suit the land you own. The footprint of your home will depend on ordinances, setbacks, and other stipulations that will affect your design. 

Are You in the Market for Land?

For others, the first step is finding that perfect plot. Partnering with a trusted realtor can simplify this process, ensuring you secure a lot that meets your desires and requirements. Their expertise in the Cincinnati landscape ensures that you get the best options tailored to your needs. Their longstanding relationships in the community can also provide insights into hidden gems. 

Full-service custom home builders can also help you locate the land that’s perfect for the custom home you envision. Collaborating with a custom home builder to find your land can help you avoid costly mistakes that may come up later in the process. Choosing land that will take more of your budget to develop than you’d like can leave you with a smaller budget for the home itself than you need. 

Floor Plan Inspiration

While many Cincinnati home builders offer a range of floor plans, you want your home to stand apart with customization and unique features that feel like a perfect fit. This is where the design-build process reigns supreme. The design-build process ensures a holistic approach, where the homeowner’s collaboration is integral to the design process. From the design process to the final day of construction, you will work with one team that is focused on your experience and making sure the outcome matches your vision. 

An experienced design-build custom home builder can also offer a few floor plans to begin your journey then mold the floorplan to suit your needs. Beginning this way is a technique many homeowners favor because it’s less intimidating than starting from scratch but still affords full customization. 

2. Study Your Land

Every piece of land has its unique characteristics. Before laying the foundation, it’s essential to understand the topography, soil type, and other nuances of your land. This ensures that when you build on your own lot, the home is not only beautiful but also structurally sound. 

Your custom home builder should have a network of engineers who can survey your land and create a plan to mitigate any challenges your land may pose. This meticulous approach guarantees that the final structure stands the test of time. 

3. Designing Your Custom Home

A home should be a reflection of the family who will live there, not a cookie-cutter home that’s not created specifically for your needs and wants. Whether you envision a sprawling living area for family gatherings, a serene study for work, or spacious outdoor areas for recreation, your floor plan should cater to your lifestyle. 

Remember, custom-built homes on your land are all about personalization. An experienced and professional design-build team understands that the design process revolves around the homeowner, ensuring each space within the home serves a purpose. With the guidance of a skilled design-build team, your home will be a harmonious example of form and function, where neither style nor function is sacrificed. 

4. Determine Construction Duration

Building a dream home is an intricate process, typically spanning one to two years. This may sound like a long time, but you certainly don’t want to rush what’s likely the biggest investment of your lifetime. For a truly custom home to be designed and constructed to your standards and specifications, your custom home builder should not compromise on quality and precision. You should also expect clear and consistent communication, adherence to the schedule, and attention to every last detail. 

5. Understand the Costs

When you’re building a custom home, some of your budget will be needed to develop your land after the necessary surveys. Every lot is different and this may include: 

  • Tree removal
  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Moisture mitigation
  • Excavation
  • Utilities connection for power, sewer, and water access

A custom home is an investment, both emotionally and financially. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the costs involved, from procurement of materials to labor charges. This is another benefit of working with a design-build firm rather than hiring an architect and builder separately. You won’t have to worry about surprise fees, an unrealistically low bid that’s sure to balloon, or cutting corners with cheap materials or craftsmanship.  

6. The Building Process

With a skilled design-build custom home firm at the helm, the building process is a seamless journey. From the initial design consultations, and selecting materials, to witnessing your home take shape brick by brick, the design-build process ensures a rewarding experience where quality is maintained at every step. 

Are you ready for your dream custom home?

Embarking on the journey of building a custom home is a significant step, and with Chris Gorman Homes, a leading design-build home builder in Ohio, you’re not just constructing a house but crafting a legacy. The team’s unparalleled expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and reputation for turning visions into reality make Chris Gorman Homes the ideal partner for this transformative endeavor. If you’re ready to realize your dream home, there’s no better ally. Contact Chris Gorman Homes to schedule a consultation today. 

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