What Is a Custom Home Builder?


When you need a new home in Cincinnati, there are a couple different ways to go about construction. You can purchase a house that was built as part of a larger development, or even one that was already used in the past. You can hire a builder who will give you a slate of floor plan options to select from. Or you can design and develop a unique home, made just for you on a property of your choosing.

This last method is known as custom home building. Utilizing this home-building method, you have the opportunity to personalize all aspects of the space, from the layout down to each light fixture and style of cabinetry hardware. However, you won’t be navigating this complex and involved process alone. A professional home builder can guide you through it to bring your individualized vision to life.

Differences Between Custom Home Builders in Cincinnati

Instead of building houses according to pre-designed plans and then selling them as move-in ready properties, a custom home builder works with you to create a one-of-a-kind structure based on your preferences, specifications and needs.

Some custom home builders in Cincinnati, OH, offer both design and construction services under a single company, which streamlines the project from start to finish. Others will collaborate with your architect to develop custom home plans that are tailored to your goals and tastes. In some cases, you can work one-on-one with your architect on planning and design, and then bid out the project to home builders in the Cincinnati area. These are all simply different construction delivery methods that each have their distinct pros and cons.

In each scenario, you are empowered to make decisions about various design and architectural features in your new home. This is a departure from spec homes or those constructed in a development, which are built using plans designed by the builder themselves or a developer.

What is the Custom Home Building Process?

As each custom home builder is different, your experience designing and constructing a new house may also be slightly unique. However, there tends to be a pattern that most custom contractors embed into their process. Here is a look at what steps you can expect to take when home building in Cincinnati, OH:

1. Acquiring Land

Because you are not purchasing a move-in ready home, you have to acquire a lot to build on. When working with Chris Gorman Homes for your new construction project, we can help you evaluate potential home sites to find one that is suitable for your dream house and also satisfies other priorities, such as the type of neighborhood you desire, school district, proximity to work, and access to public amenities. If you have already acquired land for your project, we can work with you to design a home that fits.

2. Designing Your Home

The next phase of home building in Cincinnati, OH, is developing a design according to your specifications. At Chris Gorman Homes, we have a few premade plans that you can use as a basis for your design. You then personalize the plans with chosen fixtures and features. On the other hand, you may have a specific idea of how you want your custom home to look. Our team will help you refine your vision and design a residential space that embodies your style and tastes. While we present you with options at varying price points and offer suggestions, it’s up to you to make selections to ensure each room in your new custom home looks and performs how you expect. During this process, we can also start to develop a more concrete budget based on the materials and finishes you choose.

3. Financial Planning

During the design phase, you will also want to start exploring different financing options to help you cover the cost of your new custom home in southern Ohio. There are a variety of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and government entities, that can provide you with a construction loan. To choose the right financing source, taking into consideration the estimated timeline for construction, the scope and cost of your project, and your overall financial situation. Loans can take a while to get approved, so it’s good to start this process early.

4. Pre-Construction

During the pre-construction phase of your home building project in Cincinnati, your contractor will acquire the necessary permits for construction. They will also order materials and products and start lining up work crews and trade partners, such as electricians, plumbers and carpenters. At this point, you should be given detailed construction drawings that include all the specifications for your custom home, a detailed breakdown of costs, and a schedule leading up to an anticipated completion date.

5. Construction

Next, our team at Chris Gorman Homes begins working on your job site to create your new custom home as quickly and efficiently as possible, without undermining quality. We partner with highly qualified professional tradespeople to complete specialty tasks within the project, such as laying pipes or installing the HVAC system. Although you are not as directly involved in this part of the home building process, you can expect honesty and transparency from our team. We will keep you updated about progress, and if we encounter any problems, we’ll communicate them with you and discuss solutions.

6. Final Walk-Through and Approval

After construction is finished and the job site is cleaned up, we can move on to final inspections and your walk-through. During this step of the process, we will introduce you to your new home and ensure each aspect of the building meets your expectations. We create a punch list of any items that need to be addressed before you sign off on the completed product. However, even after the work is finished, we are available if you have questions or concerns.

Custom Home Building in Cincinnati, OH

Building a custom home is more time-consuming and a bigger financial investment than selecting a move-in ready home or even a semi-custom home. However, it’s also more rewarding. You get the opportunity to design a one-of-a-kind house that encapsulates your unique vision and is made to serve your family for years to come. Our team at Chris Gorman Homes is equipped to handle the complexities and challenges associated with custom home building. We have the services and expertise to help you with each aspect of the project, from acquiring land to developing plans and completing construction.

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    Choosing to build a custom home can feel like a big step into the unknown. That’s why the team at Chris Gorman Homes is dedicated to guiding our clients through every step of the process with clarity, communication and compassion.

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