What is the Process for Building a New Home in Cincinnati?

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The idea of walking through your brand-new home in Cincinnati, keys in hand, and envisioning the next chapter of your life playing out in that space is an exciting one. Getting to play a part in designing the structure, from top to bottom, can be equally rewarding. However, getting from Point A—having a vision for your new home—to Point B—moving in—requires several steps guided by a well-thought-out plan. Investing your time and energy to get the project completed efficiently and correctly pays dividends by ensuring the creation of a new space that meets your needs and expectations. Moreover, understanding the home building process and what it involves can help you prepare mentally to tackle the logistics and make the most of your investment while also enjoying this unique, potentially once-in-a-lifetime, experience.

What are the Steps to Building a Home in Ohio? 

While each new home build in Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding area looks a little different depending on the scope of the project, they tend to have a few standard steps in common. Here is a brief overview of what to expect when creating a new home:

1. Selecting a Lot 

The right property is critical to achieving your dream home. Before you can start designing plans, you have to find the appropriate home site for construction. There are a couple of ways this can play out, depending on how customized you want your home to be. If you choose to build within a burgeoning development, you may be required to choose from select home styles and floor plans provided by the developer or builder. You also can seek out your own home site within the city or on the outskirts. As you’re evaluating plots of land, keep in mind the type of home you want to create. Some options may be attractive on their own, but they don’t provide the right environment for the size of home and layout you desire. On the flip side, if you fall in love with a specific property, be prepared to modify your vision to suit the site. 

2. Choosing a Home Building Team 

Another key part of the home-building process is selecting your team to oversee design and construction. You may already have an architect in mind that you would like to use for designing plans, or you can get recommendations from neighbors and friends. Next is selecting a home builder in Cincinnati, OH. Depending on the company you choose, they can collaborate with your architect or they may have in-house design services that enable them to oversee your project from start to finish. 

3. Designing Your Home 

Once you have land, the next step to home building in Cincinnati, OH, is to design your home plans. There are three main types of homes to consider: production, semi-custom, or custom. In some cases, your builder may have a few floor plans for you to select from and then personalize. Or, you can work with your architect and/or design-build team to craft a truly custom house. If you decide to go the latter route, you will collaborate with your designer to evaluate your lifestyle needs, now and in the future; narrow down your preferred style; and select all the features, fixtures, and materials to complement your tastes. Designing a custom home in Cincinnati is an iterative process; your plans will go through many stages before they are finalized for construction. 

4. Acquiring the Right Financing 

In the process of designing your new Cincinnati home, you also must assess how you will cover the cost of the project. You may have a majority of the funds already saved up. However, most homeowners require some type of financing to supplement their budget. There are various loans for new home builds available from banks, credit unions and other financial institutions and lenders, as well as government agencies. Research what options you are eligible for, interest rates, repayment schedules and other criteria to see which type of financing is best for your unique situation. 

5. Constructing Your New Home 

Next, you will move into the pre-construction phase of the home building process. At this point, your team will acquire the appropriate permits based on your finalized design, complete a detailed construction schedule, and order the materials and products you’ve selected for your custom home. After lining up a team of quality professional tradespeople, your home builder then breaks ground on your project. Construction takes anywhere from several months to more than a year. That includes site preparation; laying the foundation; rough framing; installing the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems; installing insulation; adding drywall and interior and exterior fixtures; finishing the interior trim and exterior walkways and driveway; and installing flooring, countertops, tile work, mechanical trims, and all the finishes. At key stages of the project and once it’s complete, a building official will conduct inspections to ensure the work is up to code. 

6. Final Walk-Through and Follow-up 

Finally, your home builder will lead you on a walk-through of your new property and familiarize you with each feature and system. This is your opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns, and identify any issues. However, with a team like ChrisGorman Homes by your side, our partnership doesn’t end when you turn the key to your new house. We provide follow-up services to ensure you love your new space and that everything is working well. 

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